Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's never to early to buy cute things for kids!

Whether you like it or not, a lot of retail stores have already put up their Christmas and/or Holiday displays. Halloween was just barely a week ago! Alas, this is the consumerist society we live in, and companies are ready to start cashing in on their most profitable time of the year (hey, you can sing that to the tune of "The most wonderful time of the year").
Well, they've got me, too. I've already got my "Holiday gifts and treats" board going on Pinterest (hey, I hate being rushed). I actually just made my first hoilday purchase, but only because it was a baby shower/holiday gift combo purchase. I wanted to share this super cute kids company I found through Real Simple, called Blabla kids. Children's toys and dolls have gotten to be so cute over the past years - it's so easy to find tasteful designs that are elegant and practical at the same time - and these products are  no different. Florence Wetterwald is the name behind the design, whose knit dolls (amongst other things) are made in Peru by Peruvian artisans, using local,high-quality natural fibers. All their stuff is so adorable and I find it inspiring (I want to make something like this!) and hard to resist (I want to collect them all!)
The top picture is the "Boogaloo" I bought for my sister's new baby girl, who is due to arrive into the world next month! My sis's baby shower is this weekend, and naturally, I will be preparing the cupcakes...photos to come!
Of course, I also couldn't resist buying a little Christmas-something for my 2-year-old nephew, Asher....Here's the video of the character doll I got for him!

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